Here are just a few testimonials from some of the people that we have trained and worked with.

Carole von Hedemann - TX: Starting a successful home based business has been a goal of mine for the past several years. I really did not know too much about what I was trying to accomplish and was hoping that I would find some good help somewhere to get things going for me. The very first time I attended one of Rose's trainings I knew I had found a Master Teacher.  I myself a teacher for 36 years feel I am pretty good judge of teaching abilities. This past summer Rose Bassett has guided me step by step on how to be successful in my home business. She is delightful and entertaining which sets a relaxed "CAN DO" atmosphere to her trainings. She has incredible patience, and explains each new concept in a way that all can understand. I am so very thankful that I have met and trained with Rose. I now have my business off to a good start and it is just getting better every day. I feel that this past summer I have made a new very best mentor friend in Rose Bassett.  Rose, thank you again for all you do for all of us.

Ray Z Worcester - MA: Rose is by far the best person and trainer I�ve met during my years in internet marketing.  Her strongest quality is her mindset. She truly has a terrific attitude and mindset 110% of the time.  Another winning quality is honesty.  She always tells the truth, if she doesn�t have an answer she will tell you so, then find a resource or answer for you.  Once you get to know her you can feel the sincerity in every word she says.  Rose is a truly amazing person and trainer, she knows her products and programs inside out.  Her training skills are excellent, she has the patience of a saint and she teaches with an exceptional ability to reach people at all levels.  One challenge she is trying to do better at is that she works too hard and way too many hours.  Thanks so much for your help. God Bless You Rose, you are awesome and positively one of a kind.

Katherine Saab - Cypress: I want you to know how much I appreciate your 'HEART' - you care -and that means so very much to me and to all of the people  in your class- I am sure there are many stories of peoples lives- reasons they are in this business at this time and each and every one of us NEED HELP to succeed. And here you are. Thank You Rose. May Blessings and Abundance surround you always.

Linda Taylor: Rose is the MOST PATIENT TRAINER I have ever seen. She is thorough and her methodical approach is very relaxed and non-stressful. Internet marketing is so very complex. Rose delivers the information from a very qualified perspective. She is a true role model and mentor.

Carolyn Franks: Rose, from the bottom of my Heart, Thank You for the Wonderful Training. I learn sooo-much from you. You are awesome! Thanks again.

Janelle Davis: Rose Bassett is an AWESOME trainer! She is extremely knowledgeable with excellent technical expertise. She is patient and kind, giving each person specific help. A wonderful personality with a good heart. I would not be this far if not for her.

Karla Skodje: Rose, It is the combination of compassion and professionalism that makes you unique in the training world. For most of us taking your classes, we have been away from the educational environment longer than we care to admit.  Thank you for making what could be a painful endurance, an enjoyable experience.

Sherion Stevens: When I first signed up with a couple of businesses, I was totally overwhelmed and in only a few days wanted to give it all up! Who could possibly understand these systems and the interconnections between them? Then I joined one of Rose's training classes and her kindness, compassion, knowledge and ability to communicate and teach was the determining factor in my decision to keep on! I have learned so very much from Rose and every time I can be in one of her classes, I am there. Rose's training will propel me to the greatest success I have ever achieved in business -- this I know. And, for this, I will be forever grateful.

Judy Laird - IL: I met Rose when I was an orphan in one of my businesses. Rose was the one who worked with me and I have tried to be at every training that she does. She is an great trainer, she shows compassion and patience for everyone in her class. She has the knowledge and is excellent at explaining in detail the the steps for success. Most of all she has become a wonderful friend. I can't thank you enough for all your help, all the success I achieve will be because of you.

Dorothea -  near Francfort, Germany: Even if English isn't my mother language, even if 1 month ago I have entered a totally new world, even if as a green newbie I saw an inaccessible mountain in front of my eyes, Rose has been bringing me a fantastic concrete support, making complex matters simple and understandable to me, picking me up when I was lost, bringing me the light with her infinite patience and bringing me to the point where I get positive results. You let me grow day by day Rose. I wished I had met earlier in my life such a remarkable, efficient and agreeable empathetic trainer! Thank you Coach, thank you Rose.

Francoise Bonhoure -  London, UK: As I became an affiliate I had not even imagined I would have the opportunity to be trained in such a 'humane' environment. Rose makes it all very pallable, she feels like my business Mum ! Humane, simple and grounded, I hear her voice saying 'one bite at a time'..... and she does give a lot of her time. Thank you so much

Patrick - B�dingen, Germany: I'd like very particularly to reach my hottest thanks to Rose Bassett who has helped me building my Internet Marketing Business on a solid healthy and durable fundament. It is awfully seldom in today's times to find such an awesome person definitely born to helping everybody without any restriction. I cannot find the adequate superlatives to describe Rose's huge hearted human being: She is like a mother jaguar, taking care of her "adoptive babies" and educating them for life, no matter where they come from, which occupation they follow, how old they are. Should you need a coach, a friend, an attentive and proficient trainer; do not look anywhere else: Rose undeniably belongs to the bests! You will notice it at your results. My infinite thanks again Rose. My success is your reward.

Emily Chaney - Burbank, California: I met Rose when I started Mentors On A Mission (MOM) 2 yrs ago. Since then I've learned so much from her. Most people would charge for the Wealth Of Information that Rose gives you. She is PHENOMENAL!! By Far The Best Mentor ever!!!

Angela M - Las Vegas, NV: Rose Bassett is an excellent trainer. I feel truly blessed in my life and business to have been and continue to be trained by Rose. Rose takes her time in explaining how to do everything because she wants to ensure that you get it. She puts her students first and extends friendship to all. Rose is definitely on my list of great mentor / instructor / friend. I thank God for connecting me to Rose and Rose, I thank you for being you.

Mimi - San Diego, CA: It is always a pleasure to take a class taught by Rose Bassett. She is one of, if not, the best trainer I have be instructed by throughout my professional career. Rose is fun, articulate, knowledgeable, and shares information that she has searched out that pertains to the area she is teaching. She's wonderful and it will be to anyone's advantage to be instructed by her. Rose is AWESOME!!!

Fred Potvin - Canada : There are people with knowledge, and people with skills. There are even people with
natural gifts, and all these types of people benefit themselves, or perhaps a small select group of their friends. Rose Bassett, however does not merely possess knowledge and skills. And her gifts are
many, but the gift that I wish to make note of here is her gift of communicating and teaching. If not for Rose, I would still just be barely able to send and receive e-mail. Since Rose, I have built 7 websites, 3 from scratch, using only notepad. I have learned more about e-commerce and how to make money on-line, then I ever did, after spending $36,000 with RGA. Since Rose, under her instruction, with the same tools she uses, I actually make money on-line. Rose doesn't sell herself. If she did, few could pay her fee. She is one of Mentors On A Mission's greatest assets, and this is a company with many remarkable
assets. Rose, you are Gold. God bless you for what you've done for my family's well being, financial and otherwise.

Gudrun Smith - San Antonio, Texas: Rose is one of the best Mentors on the Internet. She knows the stuff she is teaching works, because she and her husband Bill have proven it already so many times. Rose is a great Lady she cares about people and she does everything she can do to help people to be successful. She is my Mentor and best friend through her training and personal one on one sessions.

Tommy Matyasovszky: Thank you Rose for the help and support you have given me.

Carol Hill: Sooo helpful as always. Thanks!

Leo Silvestri: Thank you Rose for all your hard work and all the help you're giving to my team members.

Neil Koch: Thanks so very much! This is a great help, I can't wait to get this going - You have made it much easier!!

Toni Pepper: Rose, you have done a superlative job--you really are amazing -A GREAT ORGANIZER, friend and teacher to us all.

Carol Bowman: Thanks, Rose. We will all be successful because of your help and training!

Cynthia Burns: Thank you for another website of necessary information for my brain and my business. All of your trainings have been so helpful. I LOVE TO LEARN! You do a great job teaching! I can write a book on you, but I'm not. God Bless the Parents that made you. Good Luck in Life and your a real people person.

Glenna Branham: I joined yesterday and find this is so great. Thank you so much for giving us your time and expertise.